Smriti Zalpuri-Kumar
I had a back treatment with Dr. Smriti a few days ago. She was very careful and gentle through the whole process. My back has gotten much better from this treatment. And the environment in the clinic is pretty good as well. Staffs are friendly and answer my question professionally. I will definitely recommend everyone need physical therapy to give it a try!

- June 21, 2018     by patient from Zocdoc

I have seen Dr. Zalpuri-Kumar treating other patients before. She is a really considerate and kind doctor. She explained the syndromes with details. That's why I want to choose her this time because she seems to be a trustworthy doctor. I know I can rely on her during the treatment. And she also recommended me some protective tips for the moving and sitting gestures. And it's really enjoyable to talk with Dr. Zalpuri-Kumar because she has a warm heart.

- June 21, 2018     by patient from Zocdoc

Seeing Smriti is one of the best experiences with a medical professional. She was on point with doing an assessment from the start, took her time hearing out my concerns, and has helped me tremendously with my chronic pain. I really appreciate that every time she does something she gives a heads up of what she is about to do. So if she is going to put a cream on, she'll let me know that it may be cold. It's these little details that show how much she takes into consideration that the patient has a comfortable and calm experience. Since I started PT, my back pain has lowered significantly and with a few more session I'll be back to being good. Highly recommend seeing her.

- June 8, 2018    by Laura X M.

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