Chung Ying Physical Therapy
Tapan Sasidharan
I have seen Dr. Sasidharan before. I am surprised that he still remembered me. I was suffering from many muscle pain recently because of sitting in front of the computer too long every day. Then I thought of Dr. Sasidharan in order for the great treatment experience last time. He knows where are the exact points to loosen the muscle and release the tense. I almost fell asleep this time, kind of embarrassing. lol

- June 21, 2018     by patient from Zocdoc

It is a very nice experience visiting Dr. Tapan. He is knowledgeable and careful. I have suffered from my neck pain for years, and he can point out my issue immediately. I have felt better even on my first visit. I will highly recommend him to anyone who has neck pain like me.

- June 18, 2018     by patient from Zocdoc

Dr. Tapan every time takes good care of me! I am suffering from sour shoulders, tight neck and back muscle recently. I couldn't even sleep well. After seeing him today, he solved the problem for me. I really recommend to see him for the treatment!

- December 4, 20157    by YT K.

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