Hsin-Hui Emily Liao
Dr. Liao is so far the best PT I have ever seen tbh. She is very caring, attentive and learned. The point is that she
really listened to my concerns and developed a treatment plan which best fits my condition. I had some really bad upper back pain due to sitting every day in front of my desk. Just after this session, I felt my back was more flexible and my neck wasn't as stiff as it used to be. I can not thank more to her. Her staff is very nice as well. I will continue my treatment with Dr. Liao. The only thing is that it seems she is a busy doctor, so I had to wait a little bit. However, it was well worth it.
  - June 27, 2018
- by patient from Zocdoc

I have a chronic lower back pain due to scoliosis. Dr. Emily was very informative. She provided me with insightful
guidelines on what exercises I should do and not do and made such great points regarding the association of my
TMJ pains and the spine misalignment. She also worked thoroughly in relieving my low back pain. I have been to a
number of physical therapists in the past, but never really felt this better after just one session. Will definitely

  - Arpil 26, 2018
- by Marie Angeline A.

She was so knowledgeable and almost immediately noticed an imbalance in my shoulders. She's very firm with her
adjustments and explains what she's doing and why. I highly recommend her!

  - January, 2018
- by Glen N.